Chapter 6 Skin and Integumentary System


By the end of the chapter you should be able to:
1. Define the root words for the chapter.
2. Spell and define key terms for the chapter.
3. Identify and describe the four major types of the integumentary system
4. Identify and label the major components of the skin (diagram 6.1 pg. 118)
5. Describe the characteristics of  the 2 layers of the skin and the underlying layer
6. Describe “how” and “why” of factors influencing skin color.
7. Describe characteristics of accessory organs of the skin
A) the hair follicle – hair color, hair movement, goosebumps, label parts
B) sebaceous glands – function
C) nails – composition, growth, label parts
D) sweat glands – eccrine glands vs apocrine glands, locations, function, specialized sweat glands (ceruminous glands, mammary glands)
8. Describe in detail how body temperature is regulated, feedback mechanisms,  (figure 6.8 pg. 124)
9. Describe the process of wound healing both superficial and deep.
10. Identify different skin diseases as discussed in notes
11. Identify examples of skin cancer. Describe methods to avoid skin cancer
12. Describe a mole and the steps to identify if potentially cancerous


16 Oct Thur

            Integumentary  System Worksheet (chapter 6)

Read pgs. 115 – 123
Study word aids / vocabulary chpt. 6

17 Oct Fri

Video – I am Joe’s Skin
Notes skin


20 Oct Mon

Notes  Skin color / hair follicles / sebaceous glands / nails
Video – Body Atlas : Skin    

Study Word Aids Quiz chpt.
6 Tuesday

21 Oct Tue

Word Aids Quiz Chpt. 6
Reading Handout skin color / WS skin color Development

            Study for vocabulary Quiz Chpt 6
            Read pgs. 123 - 126

22 Oct Wed

Start Notes sweat glands / body temp regulation /

Finish WS’s - Integumentary  System Worksheet (chapter 6) / Skin color development – Due Thursday

23 Oct Thur

Finish notes sweat glands / body temp regulation / healing
Correct WS’s - Integumentary  System Worksheet (chapter 6) / Skin color development

            Make sure you have finished reading chapter 6

24 Oct Fri 1/2 Day in honor of Mr. Ducker’s Birthday

            WS skin labeling diagram

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Notes Skin disorders

Study for vocabulary quiz

28 Oct Tue

            No School Juniors and Seniors

Study for vocabulary quiz



29 Oct Wed 1/2 Day

           Vocabulary Quiz Chpt. 6

Study notes – skin disorders

30 Oct Thur 1/2 Day

           Finish notes skin diseases

study for skin disease quiz / labeling

31 Oct Fri 1/2 day

           Skin Disease Quiz   

03 Nov Mon

           Review for Test

Study for Test Chapter 6 (NO NOTES ON TEST)

04 Nov Tue (Election Day)

           TEST Chapter 6
Word Aids / Vocab Chpt. 7

Read pgs. 132 - 136